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The Crucifix
The crucifix is located on the North Side of the Church in front of the St. Therese Chapel.  In the past for Good Friday, the Crucifix would have been lowered and placed at the front of the main aisle by the main altar. 

Below the feet we see the following:

3-17 Grud. 1916
4-18 Grud. 1921
5-19 Grud. 1926
6-20 Grud. 1931

This is Missions conducted at St. Hedwig.  The dates are Dec. 3-17 1916, Dec. 4-18 1921, Dec. 5-19, 1926, Dec. 6-12 1931.

The first mission held, Dec. 3-17 1916, was within several weeks of our beautiful new church opening its doors.