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A2 - High Altar

To the left is a overall photograph of the High Scagliola Altar.  Scagliola is a rare and unique process for producing beautiful and precious stone surfaces, for interior applications. 

The Upper Tier contains Saint Hedwig, Our Patron, at the High, and Saints Peter and Paul.

Below, the Middle Tier, is the Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John.

The lower tier, contains the Tabernacle and the Lighted Angels.

And at the base of the High Altar is a beautiful rendition of the Last Supper.




To the right is the "Upper Tier of the High Altar"




Saint Peter Saint Hedwig Saint Paul

Saint Hedwig - 
b.1174 d.1243 Feast Day: October 16
Also known as Jadwiga, she was the daughter of Count Berthold IV of Andechs, Bavaria, where she was born. She was educated at Kitzingen Monastery in Franconia and when she was twelve, she was married to Duke Henry of Silesia. In 1202, on the death of his father, Henry succeeded to the dukedom and at Hedwig's request built a Cistercian monastery for nuns at Trebnitz, the first monastery for women in Silesia; the couple founded numerous other monasteries and hospitals. They had seven  children, and two of them, Henry and Conrad, despite Hedwig's efforts, warred over the division of territories made by Duke Henry in 1112; and in 1227 Henry and Duke Ladislaus of Sandomir warred against Swatopluk of Pomerania. They were successful but when Ladislaus was killed, Henry went to war against Conrad of Masovia over Ladislaus' lands; Hedwig acted as peacemaker between the two and restored peace. On the death of Henry in 1238, Hedwig moved into the monastery at Trebnitz. Her son Henry was killed in 1240 in a battle against the Mongol Tartars near Wahlstadt, and she died at Trebnitz, Poland, on October 15. Many miracles were attributed to her and she was canonized in 1267. She is the patroness of Silesia

Saint Peter - 
Feast Day: June 29th
St. Peter was the first Pope of the Church. He was a fisherman before being called as an apostle. St. Peter died around 64 A.D. by crucifixion. However, St. Peter was crucified upside down because he did not feel he was worthy to die in the same manner as our Lord. He has two epistles attributed to himself. St. Peter is mentioned in the Roman Canon. He is the Patron Saint of Bakers, Clock Makers, Fisherman, and Rome.

Saint Paul - 
Feast Day: June 29th
St. Paul was martyred in Rome around 67 A.D. He was a Pharisee who converted to Christ after being knocked down by a light and blinded. He is mentioned in the Roman Canon. He was present and condoned the stoning to death of St. Stephen who was the first martyr. St. Paul's letters are dated between 50-65 A.D. He is the Patron Saint of the Lay Apostolate, the Cursillo Movement, Catholic Action, Musicians, Rome, Tent Makers, Malta, and Greece.


To the left is one of the Lighted Angels.

To the right is the Crucifix in the Dome above the Tabernacle.






The Tabernacle:

This is not the original Tabernacle in this Altar,
The new Tabernacle replaced the old, sometime before 1978.

Inscribed above the Tabernacle:
In Memory of: Stanley and Marie Bist


The Last Supper: